Why are people different? Why does it matter? (A take on the classic “Who am I?”

Why are people different? Why does it matter?
(A take on the classic “Who am I?” question taking a deeper look into the reasons behind who you are as a person and an exploration of others’ differences)
Format: Essay (with well-written complete sentences, a good introduction, conclusion, and proper transitions). DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Do not copy any information word-for-word from the book, PowerPoint slides, or any other sources (even definitions). Do not take any ideas without giving proper credit.
Prompt: Describe different behaviors and mental processes that make you you. Use relevant terminology from throughout the course. In addition, compare and/or contrast yourself to any other person(s). The more different you are from the person(s) you are describing, the more points you can earn. You can even spend some time talking to a complete stranger in order to get the information for this exam. My goal is to get you to understand yourself better as well as understand and learn to be open minded to other people’s differences and the reasons behind them. Must include information from each of the four major research perspectives (biological, cognitive, behavioral, and sociocultural) and 10 additional terms or theories. Boldeach term in your paper (You should end up with at least 14 bold words).
Sample topics that can be included: parenting styles, stages of development, operant conditioning (reinforcement and punishment), attachment styles, genetic components, social influences, childhood experiences, memory, perception, etc.
Length: Enough to answer the prompt fully with adequate detail (no word count minimum)
Grading: See attached rubric. Emphasis on correct use of terminology. Must compare/contrast yourself to someone else–more points can be earned if you describe someone who you don’t know well. Grading will also take format, structure, spelling, grammar, detail, and quality into account
The following are some samples of the types of statements you can include to meet the requirements in the body of your essay (do not copy any of these examples; you will not earn credit if you use any of these examples in your paper):
In thinking about the cognitive perspective, I can’t help but think about the differences that exist between my husband and me. My husband and I are very different in terms of our approaches to problem-solving. I normally prefer to use algorithms (taking a step-by-step approach and following directions whenever possible) while he prefers to save time by using heuristics, or any short cut he can find. I am also more proactive–thinking ahead to try to avoid problems–while he is more reactive. We also constantly fight because we have different perspectives on life–we just seem to see and experience things in a very different way. A lot of our differences probably stem from sociocultural factors. The parenting he received was very different from mine. His parents were also well-off, while I grew up somewhat poor. The majority of my extended family lived in Mexico, so we spent a lot of time traveling there, and I spent some of my summers at my grandmother’s house. Certain components of Mexican culture impacted me a lot more heavily than my husband because he grew up in the US his entire life and didn’t associate with his Hispanic background very much as a child.
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May 7, 2022 11:59 PM
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