These are the instructions for completing the Authentic Assessment: Shark Tank Pitch PowerPoint Presentation.
Previously in this course, you have communicated scientific principles through the written word by completing a SWOT and Futuring Analysis of an innovation you came up with based on a primary scientific article. Now you are going to go one step further and present an innovation in the life sciences as a PowerPoint presentation – as if you are pitching your innovation to business executives or investors. You will construct a PowerPoint presentation to which you will add an audio component which together will represent your “pitch”. Through this assignment, you will be afforded the opportunity to exercise your creative muscles. Please adhere to the all of the instructions contained within this document. You will be graded according to the scientific content of the presentation as well as how well you adhere to the guidelines for the presentation.
Professor’s advice on the assignment: First of all, I hope you are clear on the fact that the discovery that is mentioned in parts A-C refers to the Eureka! moment which is based on primary article B. This Eureka! moment will be the basis of the Innovation Pitch presentation.
Secondly, I hope you are clear on the fact that your presentation must model Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rules for pitch presentations as seen in “The Art of Innovation” clip. You will lose points if these criteria are not met. In preparing the PowerPoint presentation, you must include an audio component with the presentation. Remember that you will not be presenting this in person, so you must include the audio in order for your “audience” (me) to know what each slide represents. Ideally, the slides provide the skeleton for each slide and the audio provides the meat for each slide. The audio must last between 18-20 minutes, so please be sure to time your presentation. The font on the all of the slides must be 30-point – including the title, and there must only be 10 slides (not including the end reference slides, which should be in APA format.)
I have attached a copy of “Primary Article B” and instructions to the Shark TankPitch. Slide 1: Name as CEO is Imma Hawa.
Please use the do’s and don’ts to read through primary article B as you search for a Eureka! moment. Be sure your innovation is based on this Eureka! moment. Please take the time to read over the feedback left for your SWOT analysis and Futuring Analysis so that you do not make the same mistakes in the final assessment. Before you begin, please check to make sure you understand all of the instructions. If there is anything – no matter how small it may seem – that you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask about it. Once you have completed the assignment, review the instructions once more to make sure you have included all of the required elements.
For your Authentic Assessment, you were required to develop a plan for an innovative product, service, or research based on primary article B. For this discussion, you will “pitch” your innovative product, service, or research to “sharks” (your classmates) as if they are a position to invest in your innovation. Be creative!
In your pitch, please include the following:
1. Your Eureka! moment from primary article B
2. The new product, service, or research
3. An explanation for why you consider your innovation to be an important contribution to the life sciences.
4. Please include at least three appropriate references to support your pitch.

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