The Task Requirements and Specifications What Will I Learn from Completing This

The Task Requirements and Specifications What
Will I Learn from Completing This Assignment?
The Task
First, identify at least one source that
discusses the creative process used by a writer, scholar, researcher, musician,
artist, scientist, designer, coder, entrepreneur, or other creative person you
are interested in. Ideally, you will find a lengthy written interview, but your
source could also be a video or another type of source where your subject talks
directly about their creative process. Possible places to find a source
The New York Times, “Writers on Writing
(Links to an external site.)”
Paris Review interview archive (Links to an
external site.) (some interviews are behind a paywall, but can be accessed via
Park’s library here (Links to an external site.))
Song Exploder podcast (Links to an external
site.) (Interviews with musicians, songwriters, and producers)
Songwriters on Process interview archives
(Links to an external site.)
Khan Academy, Interviews with Entrepreneurs
(Links to an external site.)
Midcore, University of Pennsylvania,
Interviews with Scientists (Links to an external site.)
SFMOMA, Artist Interviews (Links to an
external site.)
The Talks, Interview Directory (Links to an
external site.) (Interviews with artists, actors, fashion designers, athletes,
You may choose an interview with a
writer/researcher/artist/creator from another source. Make sure that the
interview focuses largely on process. If you have questions, ask your
Next, read your source(s) carefully, taking
note of how the person’s process connects with the writing process research
articles we have studied this unit in class.
Finally, write an essay in which you analyze
the subject’s process in light of the concepts and findings of writing process
researchers. Answer these questions: How does this person’s creative process
work? How does this person’s process fit into previous research into writing
process? What might this person’s process teach us about the writing process,
in general?
Note: Your final draft of this assignment will
appear in your Writing Portfolio in our final unit of class.
Grading & Assessment
The final draft of each MWA is evaluated for
quality, using these categories: Method & Genre, Understanding Writing
Concepts, Rhetorical Strategies, and Conventions & Mechanics. See the
rubric below for specific information.
Requirements and Specifications
The ultimate “deliverable” of this
assignment is a written article. Consider using the IMRaD format (Introduction,
Methods, Results, and Discussion) or a basic introduction-body-conclusion
format. Or, you might use a more personal approach, in which you discuss your
interest in your subject and frame your analysis as a personal
“search” for information.
Your article should probably be between
800-1200 words. As always, quality is more important than quantity.
Your first draft should make direct reference
to at least two sources: at least one source that discusses your chosen
writer’s process, and at least one of this unit’s readings on writing process
Use MLA guidelines for source citation and
document design.
Sample case study analysis papers are
available here Download hereand here Download here.
************PLEASE SEE SAMPLE ATTACHED******************

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