The objectives of this assignment are: – Analyze the organizational structure an

The objectives of this assignment are:
– Analyze the organizational structure and operations of a business
– Highlight positive and negative elements of organizational culture
– Identify an issue or problem impacting the business that could benefit from being fixed
– Research an organization in depth to understand issues to prepare a proposal to solve an issue or problem.
How to get started
You should complete the following research:
Basic organizational analysis (structure, culture, mission/vision/values)
Be sure to note organization size, makeup, number of employees (especially if you can pinpoint the number affected by this problem), locations…
Mission and vision are key to note as well.
The problem (what is happening in this specific business that needs changed)
Is this an organization-wide issue? Or specifically to this workplace/location?
Who and/or what is causing the problem, and who/what is being affected?
Include specific data or research to support your proposal that this problem needs fixed. Utilize the resources from the Persuasive Powerpoint to begin with.
Other considerations that you may want to add in (if applicable):
Formal and informal channels of communication. Internal and external ways of communicating.
Methods of evaluation in the workplace (how does the organization determine success?)
Interviews with employees- what is their perspective on the issue or problem?
Leadership approaches and/or issues
Group issues (group work, makeup of group/diversity/lack of, etc.)
Advertising and marketing strategies, materials, and effectiveness of those
Other areas as determined from your research and analysis
You will then use all of this information to compile a basic report, 2 pages, single spaced, following Report formatting. For the format, you will need an introduction, body (you determine the sections), and ‘basic recommendations’. Your ‘basic recommendations’ should simply summarize your problem, as well as identify the steps you will take from here to solve the problem. This would be conducting your thorough research into scholarly approaches to the problem, or insight into concepts, theories, etc. to link to the solution.
You will compile a basic organizational analysis report containing the following:
Body (with your headers determining the main sections you will discuss. You choose the headers, as long as they are to-the-point and relevant)
Recommendations (including what the ultimate problem is to be studied, why this needs to be fixed, and steps on how you will approach proposing a solution to the problem.)
References Page. This should be in APA format. You are required at least three sources in general. Sources should explore the organization, makeup, structure, culture, etc., along with issues or problems faced by the organization. The goal is to compile a solid understanding of the business/organization and its strengths and potential weaknesses/improvements.

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