the essay should represent clear and coherent argument, with reference to releva

the essay should represent clear and coherent argument, with reference to relevant academic literature, and be evidenced with close textual analysis.
If you would prefer to write your own question, or choose a different theme than those mentioned in List B, it is essential that you discuss this with your module tutor. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of marks.
Your essay should do the following:
Identify and carefully introduce an example (or examples, see below) relevant to an area of the module content
Contextualise the example in terms of genre, nationality, scheduling and historical period
Use close textual analysis to make a critical argument
Draw on essential and further reading to support your argument
Guidance and tips:
Think carefully about the scale and number of your examples. 2,000 words does not give you room to cover the entirety of a long running drama or sitcom of 100+ episodes, or to compare a large number of different examples. Consider limiting your analysis to one representative episode, or to comparing two or three episodes, if you have a good rationale for doing so.
The emphasis here is on attention to detail, so make sure you’re analysing rather than generalising. Avoid broad statements and aim for precision and specificity. It will not be possible to explore all your ideas in one essay, so make sure your argument has a clear focus, and that you prioritise your best, most relevant ideas.
You are strongly encouraged to use images to illustrate your arguments. Doing so can enable you to draw attention to specific details in your example

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