Sources: All papers must include a minimum of 4 academic sources (this includes

All papers must include a minimum of 4 academic sources (this includes ONLY peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly sources and published books). Keep in mind that news sources, organizational reports, and webpages are NOT academic sources. If you wish to use a non-academic source such as a government or organizational report you may do so only if you also have 4 academic sources. Do not use any websites and Wikipedia for any source. Textbooks also do not count toward the 4 academic resource count as well. Lastly, students may have more than 4 academic sources, this is a minimum. Most students will need more than 4 academic sources, this is the bare minimum.
If you need help with understanding and locating academic sources, the library offers a number of resources to students. For example, one-on-one help with research, live chats, etc. You can only locate many academic sources through the MSU library databases. Failure to have the minimum number of sources and/or failure to have academic sources will result in major point deduction. Essentially, a student who does not have the correct sources does not have a research paper. Also, you must cite each source in your paper that is in your reference page, or it will not be counted as a source.
Paper Format:
The key to succeeding on the paper is to carefully read the selected sources and address the above objectives.
• All papers need to have a title page. Students do not need to provide an annotated summary.
• NOT COUNTING THE TITLE PAGE OR THE REFERENCE PAGE- the paper needs to be 7 pages in length (typed, double-spaced, 10-12 pt font) paper. This page requirement does not include a title page and reference page. Your paper component needs to be 7 pages. This means with a title page and reference page your total paper count should be 9 pages.
• Each paper should have a reference page that is APA citation style. Do not use MLA. Points will be deducted when students do not use proper APA in-text citations and/or correct APA reference page.
• Papers should be double-spaced with margins no larger than 1” and typed in 10-12 pt. font.
• All papers need to have the selected research cited within the paper using APA in-text citation style and reference style. Student must cite research or it is considered plagiarism.
• All papers should be carefully edited and be free of spelling and grammatical errors. I strongly encourage all students to have another person read their paper before turning it in. I suggest using the Writing Center!
• Use direct quotes rarely in your paper. You should have as much of the paper as possible in your own words. Direct quotes should only be used if changing the wording greatly affects the meaning. You should put information in your words and cite properly. A paper full of direct quotes is not a paper that is written by a student and it usually does not flow well because the paper is in many voices. If you do use direct quotes, the sentences that are direct must be cited and in quotation marks.
• Do not use lists, charts, or graphs. This is not a long paper and the focus is on good writing and presentation of material.
• Avoid using vague terms. For example, don’t write “this is a huge issue”. Huge is a vague word and is not specific to the issue. Avoid using “you.” Avoid writing questions, use statements instead.
• I can’t stress enough how important good organization is. Papers should not be organized by source (basically summing up one source and then the next, etc.). Your paper should be organized by issue and your sources should be integrated into your paper. Best practice is to use sub-headings in your paper as well.
Late papers will be accepted up to two days late with a grade letter deduction for each late day. This entire project is a solo project. Any student who is working with another student to complete any aspect of this project will receive a 0 grade for the entire project.
Students who plagiarize, present work that is not their own, submit work not original to this class, or who collaborate with others to complete work will receive a 0 for the entire assignment.
Example Topics: students do NOT have to pick one of these topics, but these are ideas to help you understand the type of topics that are good options for this paper:
Bail and impact on people of color and/or poor people
Juveniles in solitary confinement (cannot be a paper just on solitary- it has to incorporate juveniles specifically)
Juveniles being sentenced to adult courts and prisons and/or race and/or gender differences
Juvenile sentences disparities for any race group and/or gender
Adult sentence disparities for any race group and/or gender- need to pick a specific type of offense
Violence against women and the system failures (could pick any part of the CJS)
-or pick a group, for example, Native American women (missing native women, violence, etc.)
Racial profiling of Muslims/Middle Eastern post 9/11
Police immunity and the inability to hold police accountable and the impact on racial minorities
Wrongful convictions- looking at race and/or gender differences (cannot just be an overview of what causes wrongful convictions, needs to address racial and/or gender differences)
Mass incarceration and the impact on poor and/or minority families
Again- these are just ideas to help generate thoughts, you could substitute any identity group for any of the above topics.
Also- I am happy to answer any questions!

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