Seiter, R. P. (2018). Corrections (6th Edition). Pearson Education (US). https:/

Seiter, R. P. (2018). Corrections (6th Edition). Pearson Education (US). chapters 13
In your paper, fully address the following questions. Do not repeat the questions in your paper, but do number each response to correspond with the question number. There are multiple components to each question. Pay close attention to what is being asked of you in each question and be sure to provide a complete response to each component.
In your own words, define Unit Management, discuss how it contributes to the management of the prison, and discuss the role Unit Managers, Case Managers, and Correctional Counselors play in the function of unit management.
Seiter identifies eight (8) strategies employed by prisons to maintain security and custody with their population. Identify and discuss two (2) of the strategies ensuring you define and provide at least one (1) example for each. Then, discuss how each of the two strategies you chose contributes to the safe and orderly running of the institution.
Inmate riots and disturbances are some of the most feared events for any prison. For this part, identify and discuss the two (2) factors and events which when met lead to disturbances or riots. Then, discuss actions prison administrators can take to reduce the likelihood that riots will occur. Lastly, prisons employ a range of specialized teams to respond to emergency situations such as riots. Identify and discuss the function of three (3) teams ensuring to discuss their role in responding to the emergency.

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