Research Paper #2 You will write a 4-page (of content) double-spaced paper in A

Research Paper #2
You will write a 4-page (of content) double-spaced paper in APA style (plus an addition APA references page for a total of 6 pages) and adhere to the following guidelines:
Be sure to use the terminology from lecture and your text
Papers should be typed in 12-point, Times New Roman or Arial font
Be double-spaced with 1-inch margins all around
Include a minimum of 3 references in APA format with corresponding in-text citations (including at least one (1) peer-reviewed journal reference)
Grading will be as follows:
How well your paper flows and proper structure (e.g. that they transition between paragraphs and move toward a clear conclusion that coincides with the opening paragraph)
Proofreading (spelling, typos, grammar)
That the paper is thoughtful (not just stating and defining terms)
Paper 2 prompt:
Address the following:
The importance of stress for the experiences of college students. This paper has three parts that should be approximately equal in length:
Review findings: Do college students in general experience stress? Which stressors are particularly relevant to these populations? How does this impact their well-being or academic success? (about 1-2 pages)
Review diversity: How are the findings, research methods, or theories impacted by diversity? Diversity can include, but is not limited to, differences in age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, socio-economic status, disability, and sexual orientation. Include research findings showing how two diverse populations are similar or dissimilar in their experience of stress or stressors. (about 1 page)
Demonstrate applicability: What can or is done to reduce stress among college students? (about 1 page)

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