Prompt: At the end of World War I the allies spent six months negotiating the T

At the end of World War I the allies spent six months negotiating the Treaty Of Versailles.
The Peace Treaty signed on June 28th, 1919 has subsequently been regarded by many as a catastrophic failure. Within 20 years the world would be at war once again.
– Was World War I avoidable?
– Was it inevitable? Why did it happen?
– Did the terms and conditions of the Treaty of Versailles really make another war inevitable?
Please only use this link to reference and get examples and information:
Teacher Rubric for the response (READ THIS):
Your postings should be well written and clearly address the issues being discussed. I expect each writing assignment to have:
(1) An introductory paragraph that addresses directly the question posed by the instructor;
(2) A body of factual examples that support your answer; these examples may be drawn from either the assigned readings or footnoted sources researched independently by the student;
(3) Factual examples and the published work of others must be appropriately cited; plagiarized threads will be penalized. I strongly encourage you not to cite Wikipedia as a source for academic essays.
(4) A succinct concluding paragraph.
Extra Tips:
After reading the relevant section in the text book, make sure you understand the theoretical explanation for the causes of WWI. Both the liberal and realist explanations.
The answers are not your opinion, rather the theory that drives the events.
Example – Unification of Germany cause a “security dilemma” for Britain.
Germany is quickly converting their surplus finance into arms aquisitions.
The result – a naval arms race.

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