Post: Cannabis commercialization is the production of a product to promote its

Cannabis commercialization is the production of a product to promote its use. For cannabis it allows companies to promote certain levels of use which could have harmful effects on public health. Cannabis decriminalization is where it does not allow for the creation of a commercial market for products, BUT takes away some of those criminal penalties- this varies by state. The penalties go from jail to fines if you are caught with cannabis. The difference is decriminalizing it is more of a penalty view of it, versus when commercialization is for financial gain. A positive outcome of cannabis commercialization is obvious- which is the increase in taxes on being able to access cannabis which brings in money at a state and federal level. A negative outcome of cannabis commercialization is increasing the exposure of marketing tactics to help promote the use of cannabis which can directly affect the youth population. A positive outcome of cannabis decriminalization is allowing future generations to not get sentenced for long and ridiculous periods of time whereas there are still people serving time for a law that has now been lifted. The outcomes whether they are seen as positive or negative really depend on your view on cannabis, one may say that the increase in cannabis use is negative whereas if it is helping you medically this can benefit you. A negative outcome of cannabis decriminalization is that it is very socially acceptable in some communities but the youth (as previously mentioned) are taking the ease of certain laws to their full advantage. This is why it’s important to have a regulated market. I think the best approach to cannabis deregulation for public health is letting the 21+ make decisions for themselves on this aspect, to a certain extent where it doesn’t put others at risk: driving under the influence. There should still be enforcement on those not of age to not be allowed to access cannabis just like alcohol. I think cannabis decriminalization is important on a communal spectrum because there are a lot of racial injustices attached to the drug, as it may be seen more closely related to the underserved communities, whereas cocaine is very much socially accepted in the richer communities.
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