Please prepare a memorandum using the IRAC format. It should be 2-3 pages long.

Please prepare a memorandum using the
IRAC format. It should be 2-3 pages long.
You can use either part of the topic you
presented or a new topic if you wish (clear
the topic with me first if you are going to
change). The reason I say
“part” of your
topic is because the topic itself is probably
too broad for a 2-3 page memorandum. For
instance, if your student presentation was on
restraining orders, an ISSUE for your IRAC
memorandum could be: “Does a domestic
violence restraining order have an impact on
custody and visitation of minor children?” I
will help you draft an ISSUE if you need help.
You need to based you IRAC on cases and
statutes from California or the US Supreme
Court (not cases and laws from other
The first step should be drafting a specific
and focused ISSUE (the “I” of IRAC”). Then
research and state the RULE(s) for the issue
using CEB, lexis/nexis or the any of the other
sources we’ve reviewed, ANALYZE the issue
you selected [tying the rule(s) to the ISSUE],
and finish with a CONCLUSION that answers
the ISSUE you raised in the beginning of the
For the RULE (research) section in your IRAC
memorandum, summarize what the
PRIMARY authorities have to say on your
specific ISSUE. After you state what the law
is in your RULE (research) portion of the
memorandum, you need to ANALYZE the law
by discussing how the law relates to your
specific ISSUE. You must reference and
ANALYZE at least five (5) PRIMARY
SOURCES for full credit. At least two (2) of
the PRIMARY SOURCES need to be cases
and at least one (1) of the PRIMARY
SOURCES must be a statute.
up to 80 points: follows the IRAC format and
includes easily identifiable sections for:
statement of ISSUE, discussion of RULE,
tying the RULE to the ISSUE in an ANALYSIS
section, and a clear and concise statement
of the CONCLUSION, or answer to the
question poised in the ISSUE. Each separate
section of IRAC memo is worth up to twenty
(20) points each
up to 25 points: The PRIMARY SOURCES are
on topic and relate to the ISSUE
up to 20 points: for basing your research
up to 25 points: spelling, punctuation,
proper sentence structure, grammar and
over-all writing.

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