Please choose one of the first two essays that you wrote in class and revise it.

Please choose one of the first two essays that you wrote in class and revise it. You will be choosing between your Short Story Essay, or Poetry Essay. Please be attentive to my notes and repair all of the grammatical, organizational, and support/referencing errors. Your goal is to use my comments on the paper you select to improve the overall quality of that paper.
Remember that the goal of write in ENG 102 is to analyze HOW the various forms of literature were written by discussing the literary elements a writer employed. Make sure that you choose the essay in which you focus your attention on analyzing the piece(s) rather than offering value judgements on the author’s work, or that you revise sentences like ___ did a great job….
You are also required to add one body paragraph (10 sentences) to the paper as well as one additional source. You need to quote at least once from the additional source and add the source to your Works Cited Page. Don’t forget to site this source in text as well. Remember that when you quote from a source you need to introduce the quote with a lead-in, use quotation marks, and use an in text citation at the end of the sentence. Additionally, you will need to follow the sentence with an explanation of why this quote is applicable to what you are saying.
Remember to double check your citations, MLA formatting.
Here is a summary checklist of what you need to do for this exit essay project:
1. Select one of your first two essays (Short Story or Poetry Essays) to revise. As you choose the essay you will select, consider which essay you like the best and/or you made the highest grade on.
2. Address issues pointed out in the feedback you received.
3. Find an additionally scholarly source.
4. Add an additional body paragraph (at least 10 sentences) to your essay which includes a quote from your additional source. Introduce the quote, use quotation marks, add an intext citation at the end of the sentence, and follow the quote with an explanation sentence.
5. Add the additional source to your Works Cited page
6. Submit your essay no later than due date. Essays submitted after this time may miss the exit essay grading session.
The following rubric is a compressed rubric of the one I have used all semester to grade your essays. It will be used to grade your exit essays.

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