Please answer the questions. Each question must be a paragraph each. 1. Watch s

Please answer the questions. Each question must be a paragraph each.
1. Watch sociologist Alice Goffman’s TED talk on parallel yet diverging pathways for American youth. What are the main findings and what do they imply about formal social controls in the U.S.?

2. Search online for an interview with a positive deviant such as an outstanding athlete, musician, or genius. Identify the ways in which this person is deviant. How does the person account for their deviance? Does the person’s explanation align with theories of deviance from the chapter? Why or why not?
3. Read this article and listen to the accompanying story on patterns of behavior. Describe Shon Hopwood’s life trajectory. What does the article conclude about predicting behaviors? Pick a theory of deviance from the chapter. Analyze how the article’s conclusion supports or challenges the theory.
4. Read this article on women’s high incarceration rates in Oklahoma. Are women in Oklahoma more deviant than women in other states? If not, what factors contribute to their high rates of incarceration? Which women are more likely to experience incarceration in the state? What are the women’s experiences following incarceration? How does this story compare to research findings on how gender—an actor characteristic—impacts people’s reactions to deviance.

Let down and locked up: Why Oklahoma’s female incarceration is so high

5. Watch this clip on park goers reacting to actors stealing a bicycle. Analyze the ways in which the actor, the audience, and the situation affects the reaction to deviance. In this clip, which factor (actor, audience, or situation) seems to have the greatest impact on the reaction? What conclusions can you draw about reactions to deviance?

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