Marketing Plan For this assignment you and your team will turn your marketing pl

Marketing Plan
For this assignment you and your team will turn your marketing plan into a board room presentation in powerpoint. You should execute on this plan and measuring results and presenting those results. You can run an ad related to anything, be as realistic as possible and choose something you’ll enjoy researching and presenting about. You can run digital ads for less than $1-$5 to get data, survey tools like survey monkey are free, the budget you use will not be taken into account in your grading.
You should have only one slide per category, any deviation from these guidelines will result in a loss of points.
Your slides should be clear, not too text heavy, and visually interesting. You should have specific details for each slide. Please include one slide per the following:
Introductory Slide: you’re allowed a intro slide with the business name and team member names
Executive Summary: a snapshot of what your marketing plan is about. Write this after you have written all other sections.
Company & Brand Profile: Choose any company, big or small and develop a comprehensive profile of how all products are currently marketed, branded and sold by a company (supply side)
Market Analysis: Using Porters 5 forces or SWOT, present research primary and secondary research on your industry, market, and competitors. Define positioning: target market, segmentation
Marketing Strategy/Mix: define the product, price, place promotion and strategy and objective of a campaign
Promotion Strategy/Tactics: how will you market, what channels, what campaigns will you run
Performance Evaluation: What metrics will you use? What were results of any ads ran, etc.
Appendix: This section can have multiple slides. You will not be using these in your presentation. They should contain all the data and analysis you performed and should help me understand how you came to your conclusions. If I were to ask you a question on how you calculated something, the appendix should help you answer those questions. You should not only have links in your appendix, you should have actual data. You will lose points in this section if you only have links

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