It’s a PowerPoint presentation I need 6 slides Including graphs and pictures You

It’s a PowerPoint presentation
I need 6 slides
Including graphs and pictures
Your presentation must involve or be about A
threatened or endangered vertebrate species or
group of species that has the potential to go extinct.
The presentation is on an example of a recent
decrease (within the last 1000 years) in
the biodiversity of a vertebrate animal species or
group. Basically the presentation is on
the link between human impacts and an endangered
or threatened VERTEBRATE species
or related group of species.
What specific species or group of related species are
involved? Provide the taxonomy of
the species.
Provide a VERY BRIEF general description of the
species (<1 minute). What scientific evidence is there for the exact cause(s) of the decrease in the population? You must explain and cite some specific data from the primary journal literature you find. What precise human impacts might be involved? What specific scientific evidence is there that humans contribute to the problem? Be as detailed as possible. Try to link specific human actions to particular effects on the species as they are known. Do not just cite "pollution", describe what specific pollutants might be involved (e.g., heavy metals, PCBs, greenhouse gases, etc.). Do not just cite "habitat destruction" give specific examples of what humans are doing in the area to cause the habitat loss. Propose potential solutions to decrease the threats to this species or group of species. How might your solutions help preserve the species? Be detailed in your response. Do not simply say "decrease pollution", cite a definite mechanism to help prevent pollution. be creative, Innovative and resourcetul. You may include your own Ideas in addition to solutions proposed by researchers or others Often the solutions we develop to fix environental problems often create new problems. You must include at least one hypothesis on further environmental, ecological, biodiversity or other biological problems that your solution might intentionally or unintentionally create. It needs 5 peer reviewed sources

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