Introduction: We will analyze the impact of culture on consumer behavior worldwi

We will analyze the impact of culture on consumer behavior worldwide as well as the limits of branding and advertising campaigns. Consumer behavior is not universal and, therefore, it is of inordinate importance to recognize and be able to react to differences in global marketing activities.
Student Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this week students will:
Outline the details of case analysis ( structure for assigned marketing cases.
Examine the concepts and components of marketing information systems and the marketing research process.
Create an analysis of consumer markets and behavior.
Explore business markets and business customer buying behavior.
Identify and assess a company’s industry and competitors.
Week Three Supplementary Resource:
Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior by Geoffrey Miller.
ISBN-13: 9780143117230
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication date: 5/25/2010
Overview (from (Links to an external site.)). Illuminating the hidden reasons for why we buy what we do, Spent applies evolutionary psychology to the sensual wonderland of marketing and perceived status that is American consumer culture. Geoffrey Miller starts with the theory that we purchase things to advertise ourselves to others, and then examines other factors that dictate what we spend money on. With humor and insight, Miller analyzes an array of product choices and deciphers what our decisions say about ourselves, giving us access to a new way of understanding – and improving – our behaviors to become happier consumers.
Week 3 Activities:
Read: Marketing Management Part 4, Chapters 9,10, & 11
Complete Learner’s Journal # 2:Compare and Contrast Product-Centric Marketing vs. Customer-Centric Marketing and how each Impact Market Positioning. Write a 3-­5 page paper. You may search the internet for help in completing this assignment.

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