(this is the TED video )
Write only the introduction should be two paragraphs of the analysis!!!!!!!
Intro- Establishes your speaker, their background, the title of the speech, and what it is about. Finish the intro by telling us what you are going to tell us: preview the four points of analysis.
The source is cited in speech and BOLDED. Please follow the sample speech provided. You list the credentials of the source, source’s name, where the source was quoted, and the date. For example:
“According to analyst John Markoff in TIME Magazine, September 7, 2018…”
“As reported by the National Census Bureau on their homepage, downloaded September 10th, 2018…”
“Researchers Gamble and Ross state in their book The Coming Tide, 2018…”
The source preferably an ATTENTION GETTER but whatever works for best for you!!!!!!
USE EBSCO AND PROQUEST FIRST, but a Google search can be handy, as well.
I am uploading the info!!!!
Thank you

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