Here is a copy-pasted version for as much clarity as possible, just ask if you h

Here is a copy-pasted version for as much clarity as possible, just ask if you have any questions or need clarity on anything 🙂
(When you hear the word “argument,” what do you think? Shouting, angry people determined to defeat one another by any means necessary? Well, academic argument is a bit different.
Arguments are not polarizing or hostile by nature, not when people who are more interested in generating light than heat offer them. Arguments should make us smarter and better able to deal with problems in the world.
For this assignment, we will be focusing on a common topic: Happiness.
You can choose any argumentative topic that is related to happiness. If in doubt, please contact me. Here are some topic options:
Option #1: Happiness and Age
Some research shows that older people are actually happier with their daily life than those who are 18. On the other hand, other researchers suggest that people are unhappiest between the ages of 40-44. What do you think? What does age have to do with happiness? Would you argue that we are happier when we are young and carefree? Or, would you argue we are happier when we are settled and stable in our lives? Write an essay that argues one way or the other.
Option #2: Happiness and Money
Some people suggest that money can, in fact, buy happiness. However, it depends on how you use it. A big house and fancy car might not make you happy, but having the money to vacation with your family is a different story. However, it can’t be denied that money can corrupt. Research done by Paul Piff at the University of California, Berkeley, “claims that having more money typically leads to more aggressive, selfish and “morally reprehensible” behavior.” What do you think? Does more money equal happiness or does more money change people in a negative way? Choose a side and argue for it.
Option #3: Happiness and Technology
Playing video games, taking online classes, paying bills, chatting with our friends, most of us spend a considerable amount of time each day online. How does this impact our happiness? Is all of this time online making us happier? Or, is it having a negative impact on our happiness and overall mental health? Time Magazine recently discussed this, saying, “Social media also appears to be stressing people out…The more time [18-22 year olds] spent on it per day, “the greater the association with anxiety symptoms and the greater likelihood of an anxiety disorder,” says Anna Vannucci, coauthor of the study and a research associate at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. “We think social media use may exacerbate stress.” What do you think? Is technology making us happier? Choose a side and argue for it.
Option #4: Happiness and Service to Others
We all know that we should help others. Whether it’s part of our religious beliefs, or our understanding of what it means to be a good citizen, we are all raised knowing that we should go out of our way to help our neighbors, as well as strangers in need. However, we don’t always put this into practice. We seem to be more occupied with making ourselves happy rather than focusing outward. Why is this? What keeps us from helping others? Come up with an explanation and support it.
NOTE: You will be using a minimum of 2 reputable sources in this essay.
Refer to the Using Sources module and samples in the Argument unit for help with incorporating quotes and paraphrases into your essay. Please remember to include a Works Cited Page (see the OWL Handbook and the samples in Canvas for help).
There is a great documentary I usually show in my face-to-face course, called Happy. It’s available on Tubi
(Links to an external site.)
. Feel free to watch it and use it as a source in your essay if you’d like to. Here’s more information about the film
(Links to an external site.)
Be aware, there are reference to suicide and sexual abuse in the film. This is totally optional. You do not have to watch this film in order to write this essay.
Don’t forget to use MLA to format your essay. Please refer to the OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide for a sample of MLA page format.
Some tips on format:
• You will have a clear introduction that contains an argumentative thesis.
• Your thesis will clearly state your position.
• You will have fully developed supporting reason paragraphs. These paragraphs will begin with strong topic sentences and transitions.
• You should include some discussion of counterargument(see sample essay). You can address the CA in a separate paragraph, or within an existing supporting point paragraph.
• You will have a conclusion paragraph that uses a successful strategy to fully engage the reader in the topic.)

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