For this assignment we are using Adobe Spark! Or whatever design software you wa

For this assignment we are using Adobe Spark! Or whatever design software you want. You will be creating the packaging for a product. The product is a set of two toys that seem completely unrelated. Your job is to thoroughly research your imagery, figure out how these two things can be related, and communicate that relationship with graphic design.
I have attached a video that thorougly explains how to complete the assignment. Also, there is an example image of the final packaging product. Please reference and use all resources provided.

Video Addendum –
– you can also upload your own (personal) images in spark using the ‘upload’ button when you add a picture
– In Spark- I double-clicked the text that I added from the premade templates to edit the text
– You don’t literally have to include both of the toys in the image, the image just needs to communicate the narrative you’ve come up with (so it will probably include one or both of the toys). You probably shouldn’t use the images provided to you in the final comp- think of a final comp as most of an illustration of the toys/ narrative.
Information must be inserted directly into the workbook file. All elements of the file must be completed thoroughly. Don’tpalagirize and please only use your own images or images provided by adobe spark.
I have provided images for referencing of the two toys needed to complete the assignment. The images are of a cow and a ball. They are what you should use to create the packaging for the product.

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