DUE: Monday, May 2 by 11:00pm A PowerPoint presentation to be presented at a Ra

DUE: Monday, May 2 by 11:00pm
A PowerPoint presentation to be presented at a Race and Sports Forum. Student will create a presentation depicting their synthesis of the course materials and how they perceive the intersection of politics, race and sport may impact the future of Black, Brown and other races in institutions and community life.
You are responsible to complete a ten (10) minute PowerPoint presentation, with audio, that will serve as both information and significant suggestions to support your position on the subject.
Required areas to discuss in your presentation:
1. Introduction of the speaker (does not need to be a slide)
2. Introduction and brief description of the institution (sport, including level) or community of focus
3.Current view of Black, Brown or other race groups in your institution or community
4. Key political points and factors of concern
5. Recommendations to improve race relations in sports and resolve concerns
6.Timeline and outlook after implementation of recommendations
7. Request for new or continued support to assist with improvements
8. Conclusion and thank you for support
The PowerPoint should not be more than 15 slides of content and 2 additional slides for Title and Bibliography. You are required to cite at least ten (10) references and a bibliography is required. You are not permitted to have a SafeAssign Similarity higher than 20%. If you do use another author’s information, be sure to paraphrase and cite, not just copy and paste.
You will be graded on your critical analysis, creativity and knowledge of the content of the course. Make sure you check the grammar and spelling. I would encourage your use of the virtual writing center prior to submitting your final project.
You will submit the PowerPoint in the assignment section on Blackboard.
Part 1 introduction do not have to do.

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