Design a plan for changing an organizational objective, policy, or procedure. Yo

Design a plan for changing an organizational objective, policy, or procedure. You be the judge of the company, the objective, the policy or the procedure. It can be something that you believe should have been better handled in your organization or something that you would like to see implemented. This time, you are the leader who is implementing the change with your team.
The paper should meet the following criterion:
• The topic should be something familiar to you as the author
• The outcomes/objectives of the change must be clearly defined
• The plan must be clear, concise, and have objectives that are sufficiently articulated
• The proposed change must involve an organization, department, or a team
• There must be followers who are led through the change
• Identify a leadership model that you would like to use in your plan and explain its significance
• The paper must be five to seven (5–7) pages in length or 1375 to 1925 words.
• The paper must be in APA format
• The paper must include at least five (5) sources not including the textbook
• The paper must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
• The paper must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
• The paper must be segmented with subheadings that correspond to the requirements of the assignment
Be creative but realistic with this assignment. Learners will need to incorporate elements from the reading and other materials reviewed in the class. If you have questions, ask before you write. I would even suggest that students jump ahead to Chapter 15 in the textbook. There are some great concepts there for organizing change.
This will be submitted to Turnitin. MUST HAVE PLAGERISM REPORT>

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