Critical Analysis Paper on Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A. You w

Critical Analysis Paper on Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.
You will write one double-spaced paper for this course, 1-2 pages in length. In this assignment, you will write a brief critical analysis of Always Running, an autobiography, due online by May 1. Follow these guidelines:
(1) You should originally and critically assess the author’s presentation of her thesis by analyzing the book through Rodriguez’s use of key evidence as well as any relevant lecture notes and other readings that you’ve already had. This essay is not a book report or summary so don’t summarize or retell the author’s story. Instead, focus on which aspects of the work find support in other evidence we have looked at thus far and which aspects are contradicted by that material.
(2) You should also offer a critical assessment of how successful the book is as a tool in understanding period history.
WARNING: You may not use the synopsis on the back of Always Running nor any professional reviews of the book from either journals or the Internet in your essay. I keep a file of all published reviews of the text and am familiar with the language, structure, and arguments of each. The inclusion of any aspect(s) of reviews and/or summary from the book’s back cover will result in an automatic “0” on this assignment.
Your first goal is to make and sustain an argument. To do so, the essay you write must have the following:
(1) an introduction that states your argument as a thesis statement
(2) a body of well-defined paragraphs—each with a clear topic sentence—that showcase your presentation of evidence together with counter-arguments
(3) a conclusion that convincingly wraps up your theme
To help you further, Appendix A at the end of this syllabus outlines the respective requirements for letter grades on all written work in this class (discussion boards and exam essays included).
As I’ll announce on Blackboard, a portal will open for a week’s time to allow you to submit your paper (the same as with discussions). Late papers will not be accepted and will receive a “0.”

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