Assignment Scenario: A very well-funded non-profit humanitarian organization is

Assignment Scenario:
A very well-funded non-profit humanitarian organization is planning to build a series of significant projects to
serve selected communities in the SF Bay Area over the next ten years. The venture capitalist founder of this
organization will be fully funding these projects with the expectation and goal that the projects will not only serve
the needs of their communities but also that the projects will be lasting and significant works of contemporary
architecture and iconic exemplars of quality 21st century design making the world a better place.
You are an advisory member to the Board of Directors of this non-profit organization, and due to your extensive
knowledge of architecture and in particular the design motivations of 20th & 21st century contemporary
architecture in particular, you are being asked to assist in the selection of the architect for one of the following
projects being scheduled for design & construction in the next few years:
Select one of the projects below for your assignment:
Project A: A 50-unit affordable / low income level apartment building with a ground floor grocery store & cafe;
Project B: A new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) building for a local High School;
Project C: A neighborhood development of 20 new single family starter homes for young families of local city employees, healthcare workers, teachers and first responders (firefighters & police).
Project D: A new green / sustainable & carbon neutral community recreation center and library;
You are being asked to select an Architect for your project from the following is list of respected San Francisco Bay Area architectural firms:
Siegel & Strain Architects, (Links to an external site.)
Mark Cavagnero Associates Architects, (Links to an external site.)
David Baker Architects, (Links to an external site.)
Fougeron Architecture, (Links to an external site.)
Fernau & Hartman Architects, (Links to an external site.)
Aiden Darling Design, (Links to an external site.)
Field Architecture, (Links to an external site.)
Stanley Saitowitz / Natoma Architects Inc, (Links to an external site.)
Paulett Taggart Architects, (Links to an external site.)
MK Think, (Links to an external site.)
Your assignment:
1. Review the websites of the ten firms as provided. Each firm’s websites include information about their
services, how they work, their philosophy of design, the composition of the firm and a visual portfolio of the
projects they have completed or are working on, as well as some references to articles about them and awards.
2. Select an architectural firm from the list that would be, based upon your research and evaluation, most ideally
suited to design the project you selected, and satisfy the goals of the project sponsor to be an icon of
contemporary design for the betterment of humanity.
3. Discuss in detail your research and justification for your selection of an architect for your project and how or
why the architect selected may be somehow inspired or in the tradition of any of the architects or movements of
20th & 21st C architecture presented this semester in Arch 100, both in terms of their design philosophy and / or
their actual works of architecture. See the required topics below to be covered and included in your assignment.
Required Topics to be Discussed in your paper:
a. What is name of the Architectural Firm and the Project you have assigned / matched to this firm?
b. Describe the composition and background of the architectural firm. Who is / are the principal / key person / professionals of the firm?
c. What is their background, specialty interest and when was the firm started? Where is the firm located?
d. Why did you select this firm & why did you select this firm for the particular Project you have chosen?
e. Discuss all that may apply or contributed to your evaluation and selection process: Was there something that attracted you to this firm? Their philosophy of architecture or design process? Or something about the portfolio of their work / buildings the firm has done? Why did you match this firm to the project you selected? Why did you choose the project selected?
f. Discuss in detail, one particular project from the firm website portfolio that you considered successful, interesting or in some manner “positive” or “attractive”. Include the name and location of the project. How does this selected building relate to any work or topics discussed in class this semester?
How does this building seem to endeavor to achieve a unity of “firmness” (utilization & expression of contemporary construction technologies), “commodity” ( serves the needs of contemporary society / people) and “delight” (instills a positive human experiences)? and / or : How does the architectural solution achieve some aspect of a sense of “purpose”, “timeliness”, “materiality” or “aesthetics of function” as discussed in our course textbook?
g. Discuss how your selected architectural firm and their work or design philosophy remind you or could be considered in the tradition of / or related to any of the architects, architectural movements and / or conceptual / philosophical motivations of 20th & early 21st century contemporary architecture as presented in Architecture 100 this semester?
h. Why do you believe the firm you selected could be capable of designing a project that would satisfy the project sponsor’s critical goal of not only satisfying the needs of the communities being served, but become lasting and significant works of contemporary architecture and iconic exemplars of quality 21st century design?

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