1. Organizational Leadership outcomes. Devote at least one slide to each outcome

1. Organizational
Leadership outcomes. Devote at least one slide to each outcome.
-Students will demonstrate an understanding of
organizational leadership as it relates to and impacts
communities, and wider society from democratic, multicultural and national
– Students will
demonstrate through the discussion of key concepts and ideas the ability to
express themselves
effectively on topics
and issues related to the field of organizational leadership.
– Students will
demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving abilities regarding issues related to key
challenges that
organizations face when interacting with their environments.
– Students will
demonstrate an understanding of the ethical principles underlying both research
and practice in
organizational leadership
2. Identify artifacts attesting to your learning
for each ORGL outcome.
◦ “A” work has two artifacts and rationale per
4. Provide rationale for each artifact. Very
◦ Explain how/why the item illustrates your
achievement in the outcome.
◦ MUST SHOW RELEVANCE to the subject – which is
leading organizations.
3. Conclusion or Final Thoughts page. A few
paragraphs synthesizing what you have learned
throughout your academic career (not just in the
ORGL courses).
4. Citations: Source artifacts, either on each
slide or in final Reference/Works Cited page

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