You will compare an international non-governmental organization (INGO) working i

You will compare an international non-governmental organization (INGO) working in other countries, with the US nonprofit organization in the category of environment and animal you chose. Please note that your chosen organizations should be direct service providers, expressive or cultural organizations, or advocacy organizations; but not religious institutions, grantmakers such as private foundations, or member service organizations like labor unions or alumni organizations.
Consider how you will find the necessary information to complete each of the different elements of the paper, and briefly describe how you propose to (1) research and compare the two organizations and (2) incorporate course concepts to complete the final paper (I have attached the textbook below).
Final Paper instruction:
Describe the work performed in your chosen sector. Consider how political, economic, and social movements may have motivated the creation of the organizations you have selected or changed their missions and focus.
Review the most recent 3-4 years’ budgets and annual statements of your nonprofit organizations. What has been the funding trajectory for your chosen organizations?
Analyze performance and effectiveness measures for each organization in your study. Have any scams or scandals affected your chosen sub-category or organizations? If so describe them and how they were resolved.
Analyze and discuss how political, economic, and civil society theories we have studied affect the organizations’ activities and direction. Consider Salamon’s discussion in The Resilient Sector Revisited in your analysis.
Describe current challenges for the individual organizations and your chosen sector as a whole. Consider challenges your INGO faces compared to your US nonprofit organization. How are they similar or different?
Based on the history and management principles you have learned, and your research on specific organizations, compare and contrast the challenges faced by nonprofit organizations in the United States and INGOs in the international arena. Use your U.S.organization and your international organization as examples.
What conclusions can you draw about your category and selected organizations, based on your research, analysis, and course readings?
What do you think the future holds for both organizations?

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