Use only ONE of the three following prompts to construct a 3-4 page short-essay.

Use only ONE of the three following prompts to construct a 3-4 page short-essay. Essays should be double-spaced and written in size 12 Times New Roman font. Essay is due on Canvas May 6th by midnight. An unexcused failure to turn in the midterm exam will result in a failing grade. You may discuss different approaches and issues relating to the exam with your classmates, however you are expected to turn in your own exam written in your own hand. If you rely on the words or ideas of a classmate, you must cite them accordingly (do not plagiarize or simply copy each other’s work).
Common Enemy: Engaging One of the following authors or groups: Karl Marx, Malcolm X, the Black Liberation Army, Paula Bacchetta of DYKETACTICS, identify who they deem their “common enemy” or “antagonist”; discuss why they (or their group) need this particular enemy or have chosen them; and finally how this enemy has helped them form collectivity and collective politics?
Separatism vs. Participationism: Using either Malcolm X, the Black Liberation Army or the Lesbian Separatist articles from class, how do more separatist movements critique participation or participationist politics in terms of participating in the state and market? How do they view equality or equal rights such as the right to work, the right to vote, or the right to marry? And how do they envision freedom beyond the rights that the state grants oppressed groups?
Property and Freedom: The article “Friendship is a root of Freedom” criticizes “the lonely conception of freedom” (1) that is rooted in property, explain this idea just a bit more (you may also use Macpherson if you like, but it is not required), and then briefly discuss one alternative model as imagined in the writing of Angela Davis, Malcolm X, the Black Liberation Army or Lesbian (Feminist) Separatist Movements. Meaning: How do these movements challenge “the lonely conception of freedom”?
Citation Guidelines (Important): You must cite from whichever text you select at least twice. Cite the texts in the following way as an example: The black female slave was never granted the status of woman as Davis notes, “the alleged benefits of femininity did not accrue to her” (Davis 87).
Grading Criteria: Papers will be graded primarily for their ability to follow the instructions of the prompt while exhibiting clear critical insight that illustrates an understanding of the prompt, the question(s) and the material. Spelling, grammatical and convention mistakes will only be penalized when they become excessive. Excessive would generally be when the level of grammatical or spelling mistakes inhibits or distracts from the clear expression of ideas in the paper.
You must cite at least 2 Times from whatever text or texts you use to answer the question you choose. This means quoted language directly taken from the texts, just as I’ve done above.

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