Urban Issue Discussion Paper Select one problem or issue that is commonly faced

Urban Issue Discussion Paper
Select one problem or issue that is commonly faced in an urban area (e.g: public transportation, homelessness, urban sprawl, poverty, urban pollution, crime, or unemployment). Using concepts learned in the course and information from additional research, write a paper, in which you:
b) Discuss the history of the problem, including the aspects of the problem that have changed or remained the same over time, and why.
c) Describe how the problem or issue manifests in urban areas, and identify and discuss the demographic, institutional, social, cultural, political, and environmental factors that influence the issue.
d) Identify those affected by or involved with the problem (e.g.: individuals, neighborhoods, agencies, organizations, municipalities)
e) Discuss the personal, social, and economic consequences of the problem for various populations
within the urban area.
f) Discuss any plans, programs, or policies that has been implemented or may be implemented to
address the problem, including the relative success or failure of the plan.
g) Discuss the trend that we are likely to see in this issue or problem in future, propose some public policies and individual decisions (that you think of yourself and/or find in the literature) to address some of these issues or help guide this future trend in a beneficial direction.
Notes About Discussion Paper:
1. Your paper may focus on an urban issue relating to any town or city (including your hometown), a county, a state, the country. Make sure you give sufficient evidence and data related to your issue
2. Information for this paper may be obtained from several sources including textbooks, newspapers, journal articles, published reports, reports available on city and county government websites, interviews and surveys. You may use some of the materials for this course materials on Blackboard if they are relevant for you particular topic
3 .The paper should be about 2500-3000 words in length.

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