The purpose of this activity is to cause you to reflect on the external relation

The purpose of this activity is to cause you to reflect on the external relations and fundraising in general. The
course emphasizes the phases or areas of development (overview/theories of fundraising, annual fund, major
gifts, planned giving, specific area of fundraising). You should have at least 10 references listed for this
research paper (3 peer-reviewed).
1. In what ways do external relations and fundraising impact and interact with the community?
2. In a similar way describe, in a concrete and specific manner, the ways in which there may be barriers or
advantages of various structures and other aspects which may be helpful or hurtful to fundraising. (small vs
large, new vs established, innovative vs more traditional non-profits, etc.)
3. Next analyze your responses to questions two and three using the concepts and theories discussed in class as
well as your knowledge from other resources. Use an example from a non-profit organization in your research.
Note any differences/similarities between the organization/articles you research versus what has been presented in
this class and suggest possible reasons for the differences. Your analysis should include ways you believe the
concepts/theories were or were not used in this specific example (either in a positive or negative fashion), and
lastly, changes you would make in a repeat of the event to make it as near to ideal as possible.
4. The conclusion should address the following questions:
 What insights do these experiences suggest to you as a learner?
 What insights do they suggest about the development process as a whole?
 How might these insights be useful to you as a professional in the future?
NOTE: Your paper should be typed, double-spaced, and prepared according to the most recent APA guidelines.
Expectations: Paper should be 7-8 pages in length and cite a minimum of 3 articles read during the course.

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