## Students will choose from one of three prompts provided by the instructor and

## Students will choose from one of three prompts provided by the instructor and write a coherent, scholarly response to their chosen prompt. It is expected that students reference class material (textbook, other handouts, news articles, etc.) in their response. A minimum of 5 external sources are required. Students should think of this essay as a position paper, on which they draft an argument supported by academic material and original research. References/citations will be in proper APA format. The essay will be 4-5 pages in length (1000-1250 words) NOT including the mandatory title and references pages. Submit essay in Canvas.
Essay Topics (Pick One):
-Do you believe that modern citizens can or cannot bear the burden of freedom? Explain your position.
-Many political leaders express a belief in peace, yet the twentieth century is littered with examples of wars. Why is this the case? Discuss the relationship between the desire for peace and the demand for security.
-The authors note a number of approaches to economic well-being: liberal capitalism and liberal democracy, egalitarian communism, illiberal capitalism, right-wing authoritarianism, and democratic socialism. In your judgment, which of these approaches offers the best hope for global economic improvement, and why?
The formatting requirements for the paper are as follows:
Use 12-point Times New Roman font.
Double Spaced
Set a 1.25-inch left margin and one-inch top, bottom and right margins.
Include a separate title and reference page.

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