READ the scenario “Whigs Win Again?” and answer the following questions about it

READ the scenario “Whigs Win Again?” and answer the following questions about it. Reply to at least two other classmates and address their answers and the content of their posts.
Is this a strong or weak inductive argument? Why or why not?
Did Peter choose a good sample size? Why or why not?
Were the questions that Peter asked each person slanted or unbiased? Why or why not?
Peter Poll wants to support his political party, the Whigs. This is an extinct political party that
was dissolved in 1860. However, Peter feels so strongly about rapidly expanding the economics
and infrastructure of the United States that he seeks to revive the party for the upcoming
Peter decides to conduct a poll on likely voters to see how much support his ideas might have.
He calls a local town hall meeting where only registered voters, who are going to vote this fall,
may attend. 100 people RSVP. He figures that this sample population would easily be
representative of the nation as a whole.
Peter has the event catered for the first hour of the event – the meet and greet. Peter decides
this is the best time to poll individuals about his ideas before he speaks to them en masse. The
following are the questions that Peter asks each person:
1. Do you think that America should expand the economy and thus create more jobs for
2. Do you think that America should repair the roads and bridges that are crumbling
because they have not been repaired in years?
Upon the conclusion of polling at the end of the hour, Peter has talked to every one of the 100
people in attendance. Each one of them answered ‘yes’ to each of the two questions. Peter
then concludes that his ideas would be supported by the entire nation and that every voting
citizen would vote for the Whig Party.

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