Q: What is the scholarly paper? A: This is a written paper that demonstrates th

Q: What is the scholarly paper?
A: This is a written paper that demonstrates the learner’s
synthesis and analysis of the US healthcare system. The purpose of the paper is
to examine the pros and cons of our system, compare it to the system of another
country, and propose changes to “fix” our system.
You will present the
following sections (include headings for each section):
Overview of the United States Healthcare System
Overview of the Affordable Care Act (including status updates on proposed
changes/opposition to the ACA)
Comparison of US System to XX Country’s System
Critique of US System
Proposed Changes to US System Please refer to the rubric for more detail.
Scholarly Paper Guidelines o Must be between 12-15 pages (this does not include
the title page, abstract or references). Points will be deducted for papers
less than 12 pages or more than 15 pages.
o An abstract is not required but may be included. o Must be
submitted as one document only.
o Must be typed in Microsoft Word and checked for spelling
and grammar errors.
o Must adhere to APA 7th Edition format.
o Must be turned in via GeorgiaView/D2L assignment dropbox
as an attachment.
o Must be referenced appropriately. Include evidence from primary sources only.
This means that you may not cite your textbook. Avoid writing in first person. Instead,
summarize important aspects of the topic. In the critique section, avoid
referring to yourself. Simply state “The US healthcare system is broken…” for

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