Paper is done, just needs editing, this are the feedbacks on what needs to be do

Paper is done, just needs editing, this are the feedbacks on what needs to be done on the paper and slides.
Attaching the used paper for research.
1. You need to have the general Baltimore classification table showing the seven classes of viruses based on their genome, type of RNA (positive or negative-strand), mode of infection (e.g. through reverse transcription, envelope and capsid structure).
2. The data figures must have further explanation about each lane of a Western blot or each panel or a multi-panel figure. e.g. legends for Figures 5-10 are insufficient to understand the purpose and details. Furthermore, Fig. 6 cannot be deciphered. Similarly, legends for Figures 1-4 are also insufficient for a reviewer to understand the purpose and details. Scrutinize the research articles you are following to know what you need.
3. The abstract lacks the key observations of the study. It is quite superficial.
4. The title should clearly state the central finding/s of the paper. The current title is like that of a review not a research paper.
As for the slides,
1. Baltimore classification of viruses is missing. This should come before the classification of the influenza virus.
2. Consider breaking up Figure 10 from the term paper into two slides to make the panels look larger.
3. Be prepared to walk us through every paper of every figure, including the one shown on slide 4.
The slide deck is still missing much data. Hopefully, you will complete them following my instructions. Remember, the general Baltimore classification is missing.

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