need you to write a petiotion for my university on why i couldnt complete the se

need you to write a petiotion for my university on why i couldnt complete the semester
the biggest keys i would like you to explain and use emotion and get them to understand what hapopened
i need you to mention these main points
– being diagnosed with type 2 bi-polar depression this affecting my mental health and going in and out of phases of depression and other moods that have affected my school work
– my brother being in an accident that he almost lost his life in this affecting weeks of having to go to atlant georgia and be with him i the hospital and this creating a gap in missing hoemwork and exams. where my mental place was in no area to be a student
– moving out of my moms home because of size this causing me to work more and being my first semester working more than 60 hours a week to provide for myself and finsih out the semester strong
these three key facotrs all playing. a major role in this difficult semester and hoping my school WAshington state university can understand why i struggled so much this semseter and hoping to give me a chance to redo the semester and finally finish my degree and graduate from such a prestigious school. i need these key points really created into understanding because of these things i wwasnt ableto be in a mental state thaat was healthy enough to not only live my life normally but be able to handle the stress from school, work, and my own mental battles as well the stress and emotions created from my brother almost dying from the events that took place.

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