my group chose to talk about the event Netflix acquired Finland’s game company N

my group chose to talk about the event Netflix acquired Finland’s game company NEXT Game. This essay has two-part. In part A, one of my group members raised three possible company problems that will meet after the acquisition.
1. management/organizational culture differences。
2. LEADERSHIP, Next Game employees disobeyed Netflix’s leadership.
3. Before the merger, Next Game did not fully communicate with employees, and communication was not in place.
I’m responsible for the second part.
For part B, you need to Include the following:
• Data-driven insights based on research, data, and analysis
• Three (3) specific, measurable, and financially justified recommendations
• Description of the specific, measurable and financially justified recommendation
• Description of specific actions that the organization would take to implement each recommendation
• Description of the expected outcomes (using the Balanced Scorecard metrics) to identify the performance targets and results that you expect to achieve with your recommendations
To support your recommendations, consider questions including:
• What organizational behavior concepts are relevant for your case?
• Has your understanding of the problem changed during the scope of this project? If so, in what ways?
• What other solutions are there?
• What do you think is the best solution to your case?
Our professor asked us to give suggestions using the concepts we learned in class. Thus, I uploaded my lecture on leadership, communication, and culture. Please use at least one of the concepts throughout each lecture.

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