i was goona go the essay history of nitendo or video games but idk if it fits wa

i was goona go the essay history of nitendo or video games but idk if it fits want it essay needs,,, if the writer neeeds to change the thesis that is cool.. this is the instrucutions ….essay shuld be a researched, expository essay. For this assignment you are writing an expository essay. This type of writing seeks to give the reader information on a particular topic. The essay should contain factual information, background, descriptions, anecdotes (stories), examples, or comparisons to provide expert knowledge on the topic. Do not choose too broad a topic. For example, if you want to write about music, choose something specific like a specific type of music or a specific artist. If you want to write about the automotive industry, choose something specific like the use of automation in making cars or the history of the Ford vehicle. This type of essay does not include your opinion; it is based on facts that you verify with your research.
Specific Requirements:
Your topic must be approved by your instructor.
Write in third person. Do not use first or second person point of view.
You must use MLA formatting, provide in-text citations, and include a Works Cited page.
The paper must be at least five paragraphs and must be 3-5 pages. (Not fewer than 3 pages, no more than 5.)
Evidence and quotes from a minimum of 2 credible outside sources. One of your two sources must be a peer reviewed (journal) article. The other must be from an approved, respected source. Each body paragraph should include evidence (at least 1 quotation or paraphrase that references your cited sources.)
All evidence/quotes must be appropriately cited.
Your paper must include a clear thesis and factual paragraphs with supporting evidence.
You may not use contractions or informal/conversational language.
Choice One
Choose a topic that is related to your career. You could write about the history of your career, how your career is important for society, or how one becomes successful in the career. You may also choose other topics related to your career that are not listed here.
Choice Two
Choose a topic related to a particular interest you have: boxing, horses, art, photography, video games, parenting, making money, computers, etc. Again, do not choose too broad a topic; pick one aspect of your topic on which to focus. For example, you want to write something about horses, so you write about how horses are used in therapy with trauma victims. You may want to write about video games, so you write about how Fortnite is addictive. Remember you are to give information you can find in research.

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