***I have attached the quantitative and qualitative papers that were written, th

***I have attached the quantitative and qualitative papers that were written, the Topical Reference List, an easy zip file of PDF versions of all of the references, as well as the Literature Review on this topic. These are the docs the instructions reference, which will essentially help tell you what to put into the PowerPoint.
The purpose statement: “How do children who have been home-schooled during high school perform academically in college compared with children who have attended regular public K-12 school?”
During this course, you have developed
a purpose statement and a
corresponding research question,
evaluated quantitative and qualitative research
studies, identified a research
design that you could use to address your research question, and
composed a Literature Review on your topic.
As a culminating project for this course, you will incorporate
your previous work into a 25-slide PowerPoint presentation Research Proposal. You are not
required to conduct the research that you discuss in your proposal; instead,
outline a possible research plan.
In your presentation, include the following
Title (1 slide)
Abstract (1 slide)
Purpose of the study (1 slide)
Research question(s) (and hypotheses if selecting a quantitative
design) (1–2 slides)
Definition of variables and key terms (4 slides
Operational definitions (i.e., measurable
definitions) of variables
Review of the literature (5 slides maximum)
Summary of the significant themes that emerged in your
literature review (# of slides as needed)
Research design (1 slide)
Sampling (1 slide)
Methods of data collection (1–2 slides)
Data-analysis procedures (2–4 slides)
Ethics and human relations (1–2 slides)
Timeline (1 slide)
Reference list (# of slides as needed)
Follow current APA format for citations as necessary.

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