I am requestign for a 1.5 pages, change the bid to $20 if you wish, complete req

I am requestign for a 1.5 pages, change the bid to $20 if you wish, complete requirment for this assigment is in the document.
Scenario: For this writing task, assume you are a Business Development Manager at
Brass Tax, a small but growing, family-owned CPA office. The owner and Managing
Partner of Brass Tax, Susie Smyth, would like to expand to a new location and has asked
you to lead the initiative. Your first task is to choose a location.
Her primary focus is finding a location that is conveniently located for customers,
provides sufficient amenities for your employees, and represents Brass Tax’s brand well.
But it is also important to consider the rent and utility costs, as you are expected to be a
good steward of company resources. Your current location is on Taylorville Road
(indicated by the star on the locations map), which will remain open.
You expect to staff the office with five employees. There will be three CPAs, one Office
Manager, and one Receptionist/Clerk.
Your Task:
You have narrowed the recommendation to three options: Bardstown Road, South First
Street, and Leesgate. Based on the evidence you collected (see information below),
please write a proposal for Ms. Smyth. Now you must choose one location and propose
to Ms. Smyth why this is the best choice using evidence and persuasive techniques.

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