I am looking for at least 4 to 6 sentences per question. 1) What is the advantag

I am looking for at least 4 to 6 sentences per question.
1) What is the advantage/disadvantage of a network rather than a structure as is the case with the Sacra Corona Unita and Albania Organized Crime?
2) What are some of the reasons why the Camorra are more modern and less reliant on ceremony and traditions? What are some of the drawbacks?
3) How did the rise and rule of Mussolini affect the Italian Mafia?
4- What were the specific things going on in this region of Italy that lead to the development of the ‘Black Hand’ or Mafia? Was this something that could have or could not have happened without these specific set of circumstances?
5-) How did the relationship between the Cubans and Colombians in relation to cocaine trafficking change in the 1970s?
6) How was the PRI in Mexico able to maintain peace between the rival drug cartels and what happened to cause them to lose that ability?
7) Compare and Contrast Mexican and Colombian drug cartels give some similarities and differences.
8-What were the similarities and differences in the approach of Mexico and Colombia to politics? Which was more effective and why?
9) What effect did communism have on the ‘second’ or underground economy in Russia/Soviet Union?
10) Compare and Contrast the Vory to other organized crime entities? How are they similar how are they different?
11) How do the origins of Russian organized crime differ from other organized crime entities?
12-Russian organized crime developed under the Vory or thieves dating back to the Czars and a strong centralized government was present that supposedly took care of everything. Why is your opinion did these groups flourish and grow when ‘everything’ was provided for the populous?
13-) What caused the development of Chinese Tongs in the United States?
14) Compare and Contrast Italian organized crime with the Yakusa.
15- How were Chinese tongs in the United States effective or ineffective at battling back against racist attitudes towards Chinese people in the United States in your opinion?
16- Discuss the concept of dual systems as it relates to Africa and why it benefits organized crime?
17) What is a 419 scam and how does it work?
18. Would the concept of dual systems of government, one legal and one cultural, be effective in the United States. Can you describe one area where this type of system may exist here today?
19. What is the relationship between the military and motorcycle clubs? Why is it significant?
20- What is the significance of being a ‘One Percenter’? What does it signify today?
21- What were the pros and cons of marijuana legalization? Which side do you fall on and why?
22) Explain what was ‘good’ and ‘bad’ about morphine historically.
23. Can a war on drugs ever work? Are there any effective legal strategies that you would use to ‘win’ this war? What would be your version of success more specifically what would have to happen for you to declare victory?
24) Discuss the ramifications of the Wagner Act on labor in the United States.
25) Why did organized crime go after the smaller unions as opposed to the larger ones? Was this an effective strategy and why?
26- Discuss why choke points in the distribution chain are so important to organized crime. What would be an effective government response to address this highly effective strategy used by organized crime entities?
27-Discuss the pros and cons of the R.I.C.O. Act.
28-Do conspiracy statues go too far? How far would you be willing to go in regards to hearsay and indirect involvement of individuals to bring down criminal groups?
29- Discuss some of the constitutional restraints on government in regards to investigating and prosecuting organized crime.
30- The use of informants is a sometimes necessary evil in prosecutions. What would be some of the considerations or reservations you would have in using an informant.
31-Are you in agreement or disagreement with Constitutional limitations placed on the government in regards to the investigation and prosecution of organized crime. Does the concept of federalism help or hinder these efforts?
32-) Discuss the need for fences for stolen property. Why are they essential to organized crime?
33-Talk about the unique relationship that certain underworld members have with bookmakers, loan sharks, and prostitutes. Why are they helping? Why are they a hindrance?

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