Final Project: Community Intervention Program Proposal The final project involve

Final Project: Community
Intervention Program Proposal
The final
project involves designing a new community intervention program appropriate for
implementation within an organizational (e.g., school, clinic, NGO), system
(e.g., school district, statewide community mental health) or community
setting, for the purpose of addressing a key social issue of interest to you.
Potential issues include but are not restricted to marginalization, oppression,
discrimination, immigration, power, diversity, adaptation, or recovery.
Proposed programs can be situated within domestic or global contexts. This is a
program proposal for classwork only and you will not be directly contacting people who work in your community.
In developing
your program, be sure to attend to these key components:
issues or problems addressed
values reflected in the program approach and methods
conceptual foundation of the program
action and research tools (i.e., the “science of CP”)
Your program
will reflect:
and principles that are consistent with the transformative goals of community
psychology (i.e., address liberation and well-being);
a holistic model (i.e., reflect the synergistic person-ecology relationship and
address personal, relational, and collective well-being);
stakeholders in a participatory process;
a clear conceptual (theory/paradigm) foundation;
makes use of research and action/intervention tools relevant to the project
purpose and consistent with the conceptual foundation.
You may find it helpful to review the
guidelines for program analysis in Program
Critique document, to make sure that you have adequately addressed the key
Program proposal The Program Proposal should be double
spaced, have a cover page, be in APA format, and include current sources.
Always find a way to weave in current (within the last 5 years) peer-reviewed
journals into your work. Other sources which talk about the need for the
program might be from the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, or other reliable sources of
data and trends.
The Program Proposal should include the
following sections:
and significance, which should address the following:
(conceptual/paradigmatic) and empirical (research) foundations
of the topic (e.g., based on needs relevant to general population or
specific context)
significance of the project with regard to promoting personal,
relational, and collective well-being
data supporting the need for this program
of relevant literature
of the program
context, environment, and setting for the program
participants/population in the program, including relevant stakeholder
groups involved in developing, implementing, evaluating, sustaining,
and/or institutionalizing the program efforts
action and research methodology for design, implementation, and evaluation
ethical, sociopolitical, and economic considerations (and plan for
addressing potential challenges with regard to these issues)

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