Final Multisource Argument Essay Length: 7 full typed, double-spaced pages (Your

Final Multisource Argument Essay
Length: 7 full typed, double-spaced pages (Your Works Cited, in MLA format, is p. 8)
Suggested Topic (post under Discussions in Canvas): March 29
Thesis Workshop: March 31
Thesis and Annotated Bibliography: April 14 (thesis + annotated bibliography)
Due: May 1 (by noon via Canvas)
This semester, we have talked about the ways in which travelers and immigrants have impacted and influenced mainstream U.S. culture. They struggle, even over the course of a generation, to adapt to linguistic and cultural obstacles. As a result, they grapple with, and encounter, cognitive biases. As we saw in the case of Elián González’s departure, this one event triggered world-wide and long-term responses on separation of immigrants or refugees and their families.
For this paper, choose one specific contemporary event (in the last 50 years) that impacts cognitive biases involving travelers/immigrants and craft an arguable thesis that addresses how this event has impacted the adaptation process with regard to cognitive biases for travelers or/and immigrants. (You will need to decide whether you will discuss immigrants or travelers. You should also avoid grandiose topics, including 9.11.) Elián’s case is a strong model for this topic (and it’s a model that you cannot use, since I’m using this as a case in point): it is a singular event that can be researched and analyzed effectively in response to the above question.
You must include an annotated bibliography that includes at least six sources, but your actual paper only needs to include four sources (at a minimum).
You will use at least six sources in the annotated bibliography. Two must be scholarly sources (from the academic search engines on the library’s website). One must be an assigned reading (e.g. Field Guide to Lies, The Complete Persepolis and any of our online supplementary texts). Another must be from an actual book or ebook that you find in our library. You may choose the other ones (e.g. an additional assigned reading, scholarly source or another source of your choosing). All of your sources must be of critical scholarly quality. In other words, avoid dictionary sites, referential sources and personal, jejune websites.)
Please refer to our handbook, class notes and other materials for information on composing annotated bibliographies. The writing center will also work with you. (Links to an external site.)
Notes: -Your annotated bibliography will consist of approximately 4-5 pages. Your paper will still be at least 7 full pages, exclusive of the annotated bibliography.
-As you shape your project after you turn in your annotated bibliography, you will need to show a Works Cited (for your presentation) that includes any sources that have changed.
-Make sure you don’t overlap on your paper topics! Each project should be different from prior paper topics.
Upload your annotated bibliography and your thesis statement by the due date.
-The proposals/bibliographies and presentations will be graded individually.
-Remember the main biases that we discussed: Optimism Bias, The Dunning-Kruger Effect, Correspondence Bias, The White Coat Effect, and Institutional Bias. You are not limited to this list, and you should largely discuss only one of these biases in your paper.
**Before you upload your annotated bibliography, please review the samples re: formatting/structure.
* Including a long list of sources will not necessarily help your grade. Your sources should be wisely chosen and carefully used.
* This assignment will require you to do a close reading of your chosen text/chapter/passage. Choose a topic and/or texts in which you have some interest. You will spend a good deal of time studying quotes.
* Crafting your own angle about which you care can help facilitate writing this paper.
* Remember that you cannot solve the world’s problems in 7 pages. Do not attempt to do so for this assignment. Choose something that’s manageable for this topic.
* Pace yourself. You are writing 7 pages.
* Use only one offset quote. (In other words, only one quote should be longer than three lines. If you include an offset quote, follow the MLA guidelines.)
* Try to avoid texts, biases, and topics you have already covered in prior assignments.
Students will:
state and defend a thesis (your argument or purpose you wish to convey to readers) with adequate attention to analysis and evidence.
demonstrate an understanding of essay and paragraph development and organization.
craft sentences with attention to audience, purpose, and tone, as well as sentence variety and diction.
consider the importance of speaking to an audience other than your professor.
demonstrate proper use of grammatically and mechanically correct English.
incorporate and document sources correctly and appropriately.

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