Essay #4 – International Relations Similar to Essay #3 you will discuss two coun

Essay #4 – International Relations
Similar to Essay #3 you will discuss two countries, but this time the idea is to write on the foreign relations between the United States and another nation (Not the United Kingdom).
Suggestions: Cuba, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Russia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Israel, North Korea, China. I suggest nations with which the U.S. has challenging or negative relationships with.
1. Provide some background in terms of the current situation in the “other” country. You can mention recent historical info, whether they are a democratic country or a dictatorship, any recent problems in terms of human rights and the like, anything that kind of explains some of the issues at hand in this country along with contrasting the political system (and their approach to various issues like democracy & trade) to the U.S.
2. Provide some background in terms of the historic relations between the U.S. and your country choice. You do not need to provide an entire history, but if there was a previous event or war, that may be something worth mentioning as background info. Try to identify past controversies or conflicts that help explain the issues these two countries face today.
3. What is the main source of controversy or concern in terms of the two countries relationship today? Is it a challenge that arose in recent years/decades, or is it something that is longstanding going back to what you may have mentioned in the first section? Identify the issue and the stances both countries have, and describe what the two countries have done recently to alleviate the problem. Has there been diplomatic attempts to resolve conflict, has there been any violence recently?
4. In your opinion, what would it take, or what do you think needs to happen for these two countries two improve their foreign relations? What policy changes can and should occur, should the countries change their stances in any way, and what do you think needs to happen to avoid future conflict?
As always this needs to be at least 4 pages and at least 4 sources.
Essay #4 is due THURSDAY May 5th, by 11:59 PM in Canvas.

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