Description of Assignment: This research assignment is a consideration of US for

Description of Assignment:
This research assignment is a consideration of US foreign policy toward another state (or IGO). You will be assigned the state or IGO in question with the goal of developing a clear understanding of the history of US foreign policy, its changing contexts, current concerns and foreign perception(s). The essay portion of this paper should be approximately 7-10 pages long.
This assignment serves to fulfill your General Education Learning Outcome for Informational Literacy. By completing all aspects of this assignment, you will have demonstrated knowledge concerning the need for information, the ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information to present the problem at hand.
How to Get Started:
This brief will be a consideration of American foreign policy toward another country or intergovernmental organization (IGO).
You will be assigned a country or IGO. We will go over this in class. I will take some level of personal preference into account.
This brief will require extensive research. Once you have completed your annotated bibliography, you may still need more sources. A paper of this length should cite 10-20 sources. They should come from a variety of resource types and perspectives.
Use databases available through the Santa Fe College Library website like JStor and Academic Search Complete – specifically you will be looking at political science and history journals.
Please confirm that the journals you are using are peer-reviewed.
Use widely recognized news sources:
General News Sources: The New York Times, Washington Post, Aljazeera, BBC,
Specialty News Sources: Foreign Affairs, Atlantic Monthly, Foreign Policy
If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of your source contact me.
Use think tank sites like the Council on Foreign Relations, The Foreign Policy Research Institute, or The Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis.
Use government or organizational websites like the US State Department or the United Nation
How to Organize your paper:
The first page should be a title page.
This page should include your name, your student ID, the name and section number of this class, and the date.
This does not count toward your page total.
The essay should begin with a clear introduction.
This doesn’t mean you should start by writing your introduction. See UNC’s writing center
(Links to an external site.)
for some clarification on introduction writing.
Subheading One: 20th Century Relations (2-3 pages)
You may refer to earlier history but it should be brief.
What goals have motivated the US during this time?
How did the US approach these goals?
Were these objectives reached?
Subheading Two: 21st Century Relations (2-3 pages)
What are current US foreign policy objectives?
Have US goals changed? What causes the shift? Post-Cold War reconsiderations, the War on Terror, shifting economic/regional priorities, etc…
How are current goals regarding this country shaped by our relationships with other countries, IGOs, etc…
Subheading Three: Foreign Perception (2-3 pages)
What is the country’s perception of US foreign policy? How has it changed over time? How does it differ within the country (governments, political groups, general public, etc…)?
This can be a reflection on the trajectory of US foreign policy toward this country put in broader context, it can look to the future of US policy toward this country, it can suggest reprioritization, etc…Whichever way you go, make sure it draws the threads of your argument together.
All A-Level Papers will include an appendix.
Any graphs, charts, or images that you use to contribute to your argument should be included in an appendix. They do not count toward your page total but are necessary if you seek an A on this paper. At least three images should be used.
Your bibliography should be provided at the very end in MLA format. Your paper should use MLA-style in-text citations
How to format your paper:
The body of your brief should have one-inch margins on all sides.
You should use 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
It should be double-spaced.
Page numbers should be included in the lower right side of the footer.
MLA citations are required. You must use in-text citations. Be consistent and cite ALL of your sources.
If you had to look up the information (i.e. it was not your idea) then it must be cited.
You may consult the OWL Purdue Writing Lab MLA guide.
(Links to an external site.)
for all your citation needs.
A List of the Stages of the Assignment:
Annotated Bibliography (15%)
Rough Draft (10%)
Final Draft (20%):

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