Write a 3 to 5 page (double-spaced w/12 pt font) critical commentary of either G

Write a 3 to 5 page (double-spaced w/12 pt font) critical commentary of either Gonzalez or Chavez’s books. This is a short, analytical essay that supports a thesis statement related to our class by drawing upon and citing the chosen book or other readings in the class. readings.
Choose a focus that interests you. Assume that your reader has read the material and do not write a catalog of what is in the book Instead, develop a critical response to your reading held together by one central thesis statement; all parts of your critical analysis should relate back to your central thesis.
One theme to develop would be how the book add to your understanding of Latino immigration; what kinds of myths or misunderstandings about migration are clarified in the book? Does the book present new information and analysis about Latino immigration? The forces that oppress migrants? Changes that affect migrants and immigration policy? Are there historical or structural barriers that have changed that affect immigrant communities? Does the book address a change in consciousness? Strategies and leadership styles in the immigrant rights movement? In an anti-immigrant movement? Is there a backlash against changes?
You can also comment on what kinds of assumptions are behind the book. Think about how the book relates to the other readinds in the class,. Are other readings saying the same thing? Saying something different? What stands out about what you read? What surprised you and why?
These are some suggestions for questions to apply to your reading as you develop your commentary. Choose one or develop your own question to address but do not try to address too many questions in your very short critical response.
Practical suggestions:
To make your analysis hang together, write analytical transitions between the paragraphs of your commentary, making it clear to the reader how one idea leads to the next and how the parts of your comment are related.
Assume the reader has read the works under discussion so you won’t spend time paraphrasing.
Your introduction should clearly state your comment.
Don’t describe the stages of your experience in writing the paper (such as “at first I thought … but then I thought …). Instead, focus on the final results of your analysis.
Interpret and comment on direct quotations.
PROOF READ and then ask a friend or various friends to proof read again. (This is the most important step in any writing assignment.)
Use an active as opposed to a passive voice (example of passive voice: The case was won by Latinas. Active voice: Latinas won the case.)
Double space (ALWAYS) and justify to the left
List references at the end, including any source you have used. Include author’s name, date, title (if from an edited volume, include the volume’s editor and title), place published, and publisher.
For website citations see: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/research/r_docelectric.html

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