Using the attached article, Critically examine and relate to ethical theory (mo

Using the attached article,
Critically examine and relate to ethical theory (moral philosophy). What are the possible dilemmas and ethical considerations raised?
Consider the arguments presented and demonstrate your reasoned response about the
Points to consider for your response:
What is the issue? (e.g banning homework)
What is the main claim being made?
What are the key points presented by the author? (the approach taken to explain, reasons given)
How is/are the point(s) presented – in what way have the arguments been reasoned? (think of the explanation(s) provided and sources of information to help present the claim/issue to convince the reader)
What are the underlying concerns? (Think back to key points presented)
What evidence is provided to support claims made? (look at the explanation and reasons given – the arguments)
What are the ethical concerns raised by the author of the link you have looked at?
what action(s) is/are being suggested/implied, if any?
Are there potential questions and/or dilemmas this may raise for those involved: parents, schools, teachers?
What about the child/young person who may be affected as a result, or may be at the centre of the issue?
Think about the implications for those affected and those you see responsible in your response to the item: person/individual family/groups Schools/ Community/ State
What connections can you make to your reading that helps your discussion about points raised and arguments made?
What do you think should be done ?
Your conclusion needs to draw together your response to the arguments and present your evaluation of the issue, based on your discussion, as a result.
This source needs to be used.
The fundamentals of ethics
by Russ Shafer-Landau

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