## The Forrest health organization provides several resources to the community.

## The Forrest health organization provides several resources to the community. The health organization provided scholarship programs to the community. The organization supports community programs such as local sports activities in high school and offers charitable contributions to non-profit organizations like the pine belt foundation. The health organization supports events that are highly beneficial to the community. The organization also supports special events and arts that offer a cultural experience to the community.
The health organization offers free educational seminars to the community. The organization partners with another institute to create awareness about cardiovascular disease. The second education program the organization offers is known as stop the bleed (“Community Involvement – Forrest Health”). The program aims to offer education on trauma and train the community to handle and control bleeding as they wait for emergency assistance. The organization provides free seminars to communities on medicare and educates individuals about the affordable care act.
The organization has special services to the community in various health areas. The health organization aims at providing behavioral health services and addiction services. Rehabilitation has been set up to help community members deal with addiction services such as drug addiction (Caputo). The organization also offers cancer services. Cancer has become a leading cause of individuals dying in the world (Bray et al.). The organization has taken steps to provide cancer services to the community hence providing early cancer detection to individuals. The organization has a wound and women’s surgery center that provides women’s surgery services.
In conclusion, the health organization’s community services include sponsoring community events such as local sports activities, cultural arts and providing educational seminars on health issues. The program trains community members on handling bleeding conditions until help arrives. There are special services in which the organization provides these special services, including behavioral services, cancer services, and provide surgery for women and children.
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