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ESSAY: Pursuing art as a student is courageous in many ways. In their pursuits in college studies, art students face many challenges in the line of career. There are a lot of objections and challenges that a student can face, may it be a lack of confidence, resources, or financial and emotional support. In addition to their life challenges, career life is more demanding for the student to indulge in it for success to be realized fully. Bearing in mind all the challenges these students face, they must heed the formulated solutions under this essay. It will help them intervene and bring their stay in college to positive control.
It is instrumental to note that many art students begin to lose confidence trying to keep up with many evolving talents they have seen during their time in the field of studies. According to Splendore C. (2018), purposely for one to face this challenge, they must practice being active and put themselves in situations where they can grow, enhance their skills and seek to absorb more knowledge. After experiencing all these difficulties, it is essential to admit that success will only be achieved with self-confidence, a solid faith to keep going apart from all the challenges, and the effort applied to counteract them. To improve, joining art competitions, exploring different art styles, using a variety of new materials, or observing and drawing inspiration from other artists in everyday life in college can be of much help. Drawing with the leadership of other artists’ work is a sign of appreciation of other people’s work, thus echoing your applause. As they add more techniques to a student, manipulation of different materials helps to realize the most prominent and standard for a particular piece of artwork. By doing so, a student may initiate a paradigm shift not only in their career endeavors but also in the institution’s stand and belief upon such an execution.
Since making art requires a lot of energy and devotion, practicing every day by observation and exploring different styles and materials can improve the technique as one repeatedly learns textures, forms, shapes, and shades. It is with great concern that this habit can also improve the physical endurance of the students in the endeavors in the art category of their studies. Also, creating art regularly can help promote muscle memory and fine motor skills, allowing more speedy and accurate coordination of the students’ bodies. It should also be noted that experimenting with different tools can help investigate which quality or outcome is more to their liking as far as academic life is concerned. It has also been noted that joining art competitions and observing other artists can broaden one’s horizon, thus introducing them to other art styles that are beneficial to their native ones (Splendore C. 2018). Research has also revealed that many talented artists worldwide create their definition of art as they employ different tools in their manipulation of the study aspects. It also follows the faith to appreciate others by knowing that each individual’s art is special and unique is crucial in surviving in this field. By heeding these solutions in everyday undertakings, these practices will surely improve an artist’s skills, minimizing the feeling of inferiority towards others.
The art school is expensive to undertake, and also financial instabilities are rendering individuals vulnerable to difficulties. Therefore, apart from relying on an individualized source of money to finance and facilitate their schooling, they should seek other means to raise more money to complement what they already have. This can be achieved by marketing their art designs to the market space, for the customers are always attracted to have them (Splendore C. 2018). This can be enhanced by competence in one’s ability to produce attractive and commendable art designs that can draw the attention of buyers. By art students embracing this move, it will open a nice aperture for one to pay for their dues, thus reducing the higher burden laid on them from the tuition levies.
Basing the argument on the art students’ academic endeavors, it is paramount to note the multitude of challenges that they are prone to encounter. Solely to counteract the massive adverse effects caused by these challenges, the students should heed the mentioned solutions and others that are positive to their success. By positively embracing them, their effect will bring relief to their situations in academic life. Therefore, noting that these challenges may hinder a student from obtaining the best in the art class, it is vital to follow and execute these solutions for future positive endeavors.
Splendore C. (2018). “I didn’t learn shit”: Current challenges facing art schools and inquiry-based alternative model solutions imagined in educational art projects.

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