Medication Errors in the Emergency department is the TOPIC Guidelines/Grading Ru

Medication Errors in the Emergency department is the TOPIC
Guidelines/Grading Rubric for Final Project:
This paper should include 8 to 10 articles from professional healthcare literature. Identify a minimum of three different possible quality improvement projects that focus on different perspectives of the problem. Eg. care-related outcomes vs. patient-related outcomes vs. performance-related outcomes. Or consider different patient populations or diagnoses. The paper should be 12-15 pages excluding title page and references. No abstract is required. The paper should include the following sections:
Each is a level 2 apa heading
• Introduction
• Identify the problem
• Background/Significance of the problem (clear focus on health care and advanced practice nursing)
• Literature Review-synthesis of literature with a focus on evidence, including analysis of evidence; identify gaps in knowledge about the problem
• Identify a minimum of three possible quality improvement projects examining the problem from different perspectives. State a specific aim for each project.
• For each project, identify at least one instrument or measure that could be used in the project and the outcome it would measure as related to stated aim of the project.
• References ( include the DOI in the reference for each journal article)
The final project will be graded based on the stated requirements above and the following: clarity of writing, thoroughness of addressing required sections, application of assigned readings, writing style, and use of APA (7th edition) format.

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