—It is a trope of museum statistics that average visitors spend less than a mi

—It is a trope of museum statistics that average visitors spend less than a minute before any given work of art. This assignment asks you to contradict that statistic and spend three hours before any work of art in the Art Musuem over the course of the semester.
I am going to ask you to submit at least two preliminary reports of at least 500 words each (no limit for the final paper) in the course of the semester: March 1st and March 31st. The final paper due May 3rd will comprise each of these, along with a reaction to the comments I’ll give you when I’ve read your preliminary reports and return them to you.
So, what happens to us when we spend this much time with a single work of art? What questions can you ask of it to make it fresh and interesting each time? and how do your ideas and feelings change over this period of time (does it change or do you?)? The time aspect is important: don’t try to fill up the word limit; rather look, think and feel, and make notes about these reactions, which can include meditations on the physical aspect of looking at art in the museum, for example, or puzzling out iconography, or simply enjoying a particular color. The possibilities are endless, really, but the time is key—three hours over the semester (which should be clocked on the preliminary reports, please, just for my interest).
I’ve uploaded 2 of my preliminary reports and the photos of art work I chose. You may read and get an idea of what I’ve already analyse on the art work. Please continue to eloborate on my analysis and continue to write any more findings/analysis on the art work. Make further analysis and write down additional
observations and insights, following the prompt.

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