I’M to focus on the character Millie in the movie free guy. Do this: 1. Introdu

I’M to focus on the character Millie in the movie free guy.
Do this:
1. Introduce Millie the developer and her avatar in the game Molotov girl and say you’re going to examine how Millie embeds parts of her own character in Molotov girl, but we’re going to learn a lot of additional things about who Millie the real person is—her persistence and focus, her courage in trying to get justice for what she and Keys have been robbed of, and finally her recognition that she loves Keys but has sublimated her feelings for him into their work on the game.
2. Show us meeting Molotov girl/Millie. When do we realize they’re sort of the same person—one in a game; one in real life? What are the differences we immediately see in them?
3. Show us Millie trying tohack the game, trying to convince Keys who is reluctant at first to help her. How far does she go? Be very explicit as to precisely what she does that shows how persistent she is.
4. What does Millie risk in searching for the code and justice for what they’ve been robbed of? What does Molotov girl risk? Show how they interconnect and impact Guy’s behavior here.
5. Show her evolving relationship with Keys. When do we realize she has a thing for him as well as his having feelings for her?when and how and why does she finally realize it? What does the fact that it has to come from the outside—first from Guy the character,
then from Mouser before she goes out after Keys. What does it say about her that, although he had hinted at his love for her, once she fully understands, she’s the one who goes out after him and openly confesses her love

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