HLP/NUR 304 Assignment: Examining Health Disparities in Rural vs. Urban Communit

HLP/NUR 304 Assignment:
Examining Health Disparities in Rural
vs. Urban Communities:
Public Health “One-Pager”
(70 points)
Research has consistently
shown that significant health disparities exist between individuals living in
rural communities, and individuals living in urban/metropolitan communities. Reasons
for this are multifactorial, and include factors such as access to healthcare,
health insurance status, income, education, transportation availability, and
other factors. Consequently, individuals living in rural communities have
higher rates of chronic diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular
disease, and mental health disorders), higher rates of potentially preventable
hospitalizations, higher rates of hospital re-admissions, and increased risk of
premature mortality.
For this assignment, you
will create a public health “one-pager” that presents key information about a
public health issue (select from list below) faced by individuals living in
rural communities. One-pagers are often used to convey key information about a
particular topic in a brief, but informative format, in order to inform key stakeholders
(such as patients, hospital administration, grant funding agencies, policy
makers, etc.). Your public health “one-pager” must adhere to the requirements
listed below. Sample “one-pagers” are included in this instruction document,
and the grading rubric for the assignment is also included in at the end of the
Your public health
“one-pager” must reflect significant research and application of
epidemiological concepts learned in this class. This assignment is due by the
due date listed in the syllabus. Late work will not be accepted and will
receive a zero for the assignment.

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